Wordy Wednesday: My review of Insurgent

This bundle of goodness arrived on my doorstep at approximately 3:30pm on May 1st. I may or may not have hugged it to my chest while skipping back into the house.

My precious.

I started reading Tuesday night and finished on Wednesday during the kiddo’s naptime. Each time I had to put this book down was downright torture. Because I loved it so much, it’s only fitting that I now share that love with all of you. You’ve read Divergent already, right? Because, you know, I told you to read it two weeks ago. Just sayin’.

All right, so here we go. You know the drill: there may be spoilers are ahead.

I really wish I could give this book an infinite amount of stars. As much as I loved Divergent, I loved Insurgent even more. It begins right where Divergent left off, with Tris, Tobias, Marcus, and Peter on their way to the Amity compound. We get an in-depth view of the way of life of the other factions, which I enjoyed. Seeing their ideals put into action in response to what was going on around them was intriguing, even if you kind of wanted to strangle them at times.

Tris and Tobias…I love these guys. I really do. I think they’re quite possibly my favorite YA couple out there. Their relationship isn’t puppies and rainbows and sparkling fairy dust; they have real issues that are dealt with in a way that’s believable. They don’t coddle one another, which is another thing I adore about Tobias. He sees that strength inside Tris, and even at the weakest of moments, does his best to draw it out of her in the way he knows how. Sure, both of them frustrated me at times throughout the book, but they’re sixteen and eighteen and they’re going through a war. Of course a lot of their actions are going to be emotionally-charged.

Our eyes are opened to new allies, new enemies, and enemies that we once believed to be friends. All I can say is that I’m going to go slightly insane while waiting for the next installment in this series. Veronica Roth, you are pretty much the bee’s knees.


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