Wordy Wednesday

I come to y’all today still on that “amazing book high.” You know what I’m talking about. It occurs when you read a book that is so captivating, so thrilling, that you just happen to glance at the clock and realize, “Oh hey, it’s midnight, but I MUST FINISH THIS BOOK.” That was me just the other night. My proof:

Don’t hate on the PJs. K?

That was me at 11:58pm on Sunday night as I paced the house while reading on my Kindle. Even though I knew that the kiddo would surely be awake within six hours, there was no bed in sight for me. Now, the culprit? This piece of awesomeness:

You know the drill. Spoilers may be ahead. Here’s your warning.

Starcrossed, by Josephine Angelini, is a book set in Nantucket. It tells the story of Helen, a girl who’s just beginning her junior year of high school. I adore Helen. She’s always known that she was a little different from the other kids, but doesn’t dwell on that too much. She has solid friendships with Claire and Matt, both of whom are very likable. I love her relationship with her father, who has raised Helen by himself for all of her life.

Then comes Lucas. Oh, Lucas. You…you are a good fella. He’s a member of the Delos family, and he, along with his huge family, moved to Nantucket from Spain. They’re the new, mysterious family in town that everyone is all abuzz over. He and Helen don’t have the most conventional of meetings. Actually, the first time they see one another in the hallway at school, Helen tries to kill him. Completely normal, right?

As it turns out, Lucas and Helen are simply pawns in a Greek tragedy that The Furies insist on repeating over and over again. What Helen never expected was to fall in love with the very boy that, by historical standards, she should desire to kill. Even more, the very presence of their love for one another is capable of starting a war.

The writing itself is fantastic. There’s one line at the end of the book that, in its context, completely grabbed my heart:

“Helen, beloved of the goddess of love, went downstairs to crawl into her empty bed as Lucas, the son of the sun, leaned back on his elbows and watched his father-god brighten the bare wooden planks of her widow’s walk.”

I never imagined that I could be so captivated by a book based around Greek mythology, but y’all. This book kept me engrossed from beginning to end. And, thankfully, the sequel will be out next week. I say thankfully because I would probably go insane if I had to wait much longer than that.

Happy reading!


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