Wordy Wednesday: My Review of Dreamless


There’s some kind of magic fairy dust in this woman’s words. There just has to be, because she did it to me again. Except Josephine Angelini didn’t write a story that kept me up past the midnight hour reading this time. No – this one was read within just a few hours because there was no way I was putting it down. Well, except for that whole “taking care of my kid” thing. The state kind of mandates that I do that. Spoilers may follow.

Helen is still a fantastic lead in my eyes. She’s strong, yet vulnerable, and is constantly striving to put her best foot forward. She’s always pushing and always fighting.

I didn’t even want to like Orion when we were first introduced to him, mostly because I was still swooning over Lucas after reading Starcrossed such a short time ago. That said…yeah. I loved him. He was a great addition to the characters that I already adored so much. Lucas is going through a dark time in Dreamless, but it’s understandable. At least, it was to me. By the end of the book, it’s safe to say that I loved him even more than I did after Starcrossed, and that’s saying something. I’m interested in seeing what’s being set up for Matt, because I got a sense that he’s going to play a larger role in the next book.

I really like the direction that this plot is going. The downfall of reading a book on its release date? Having to wait a freakin’ year for the next one. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this all pans out!


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