My Reviews of Whispers in Autumn and Winter Omens…

…in which I try to refrain from squealing like a little girl.

Yeah. Totally not gonna happen.


Fair warning – there MAY be series spoilers ahead. I’ll do my best to keep them to a bare minimum.

Let’s back the story up to, oh, a couple months ago, I think. A darling Twitter pal was raving about a book one evening, and by now, you guys know I can’t pass up an amazing book. I mean, it’s just not possible. So, I went to check out this WHISPERS IN AUTUMN on Goodreads…

And it was about aliens. Huh.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been an alien girl. It just wasn’t my “thing.” Of course, I never thought wizards would be my thing, and well… *glances at Harry Potter shrine* We know how that turned out.

So, there are aliens, but we’re not talking little green fellas from Mars. We’re talking about The Others – a race of beings who’ve enslaved the people of Earth not through force, but through mind-control that turned them into unfeeling, unquestioning robots. But we have Althea, who’s always known she didn’t quite “mesh” with the others, though she’s not sure why. There is one thing that makes it clear she’s not like her fellow humans – as the seasons change, she travels from city-to-city in a pattern that is unbeknownst to her, making her what’s known as a “dissident.” Then, she meets Lucas.


Oh, Lucas.


Lucas is the same as Althea. The two of them soon discover that they are, in fact, immune to The Others’ mind control. And that’s why they’re seen as a threat.

Dun dun dun…

And that brings me to WINTER OMENS. At the end of WiA, Lucas was forced to travel to avoid being captured by The Others. Knowing she’s in danger as well, Althea goes on the run. She’s forced to survive as best she can in the frigid winter. She takes up shelter in a small shack, where we meet one of my favorite characters – Wolf. The dog. He’s pretty amazing. Just sayin’.

Oh yeah, we also meet Pax. He’s pretty amazing, too. He happens upon the shack, and soon, Althea discovers that she’s found another dissident. It takes her a while to fully trust him, of course, but once she realizes she has a new teammate, the struggle to survive becomes a little less daunting. That is, until she find outs The Others have yet another aspect of mind control – they can sneak into her mind while she sleeps. So, now sleep is dangerous. Fabulous, huh?

Lucas was absent for most of this book, which made me sad. That said, Pax grew on me quickly. While Lucas is kind and gentle with Althea, Pax challenges her, forcing her to grow more confident and independent by the day.

Now…drum roll, please…

THE OFFICIAL RELEASE FOR BETRAYALS IN SPRING IS TOMORROW! Stop by and join me as I share my thoughts on this fabulous addition to The Last Year series.


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