My Review of Betrayals in Spring

Can I get away with just saying, “Buy this book because you’ll never ever ever ever regret it”? No? Well, all right, then.

Althea and Lucas have finally been reunited…but something is “off” with Lucas. Althea attributes that to his being alone for so long, forced to survive on his own throughout their season apart, whereas she’s had a companion. His bitterness toward the relationship between Althea and Pax is palpable, but they really don’t have time for jealousy. Because now, they must find the fourth dissident, Deshi, and press forward in their battle against The Others. And in order to do that, they must work as a team, whether the boys get along or not.

You may be thinking, “Oh for Pete’s sake. Another YA love triangle.” Ah, don’t make that jump just yet, readers. While there is tension between the three, this isn’t a love story. I repeat – NOT a love story. This is a story of survival. Of hope. Of doing the right thing when it may not serve your own desires. Though, I do feel obligated to throw in a favorite line from Lucas:

“Where you are, I am.”

I’ll just leave that there.

To strengthen their numbers, the three decide to enlist the help of a select few humans. The question is, will that effort actually work?

BETRAYALS IN SPRING is the third installment of The Last Year series, and I’m already dying for the next book. A very enthusiastic 5/5 stars from this girl!

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