So. About That Book I Wrote.

In May of last year, I was hit by a plot that refused to leave me alone. The main character latched on to me for dear life, begging me to write her story. I loved the premise of her story. I loved her. But I almost didn’t even write the idea down. Why?

I was terrified.

Up until that point, all I’d ever written were contemporary YA and NA stories. Never did I imagine I could write an apocalyptic book, much less one I’d truly be proud of. The world-building! The supernatural! The plot twists! Oh my! But I did write it. And here I sit with a book that I’m ready to share with the world.

When I started writing a few years ago, I was positive I would only settle for the traditional route. I mean, that’s how books worked, right? You write, revise, get an agent, land a book deal, and you’re golden!

No (2)

Yeah, not so much. At least, not in this case. And I’m okay with that.

While I queried my tush off for a few months, I think a part of me has known from the beginning that KINGDOM COME would be a self-published endeavor. That’s why I’m THRILLED to announce it has a tentative release date of May 22, 2013 – exactly one year after I started plotting this crazy thing. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as things progress. For now, I’m just excited to finally let the cat out of the bag.


Without further ado, here’s the official blurb for KINGDOM COME:

Centuries ago, scrolls calling forth the four horsemen of the apocalypse were discovered, sealed until their rightful heirs were born. Now, those scrolls are being opened.

When her small town crumbles during her stay in an institution for troubled teens, eighteen-year-old Kerrigan Monroe is one of the few survivors. She, along with a handful of other patients and their therapist, take cover as everything they’ve ever known is reduced to rubble. When the smooth voice behind a cryptic radio broadcast beckons her to a safe house, she and the others abandon their temporary haven and embark on a cross-country journey toward refuge.

Upon discovering the identity of the man behind the voice, Kerrigan’s smacked with the revelation that he’s not the only heir to these scrolls. Now, she must make a choice: join this dark stranger and lead the New World by his side, or fight for what’s left of humanity.

Either decision will bring power. Either decision will bring death.

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