Tips For My Fellow Early-Birds

Over the past couple of months, I’ve discovered something about myself: my brain is infinitely better first thing in the morning than at night. This makes things a little difficult for someone like me. To keep my depression under control, I have to have a certain amount of sleep. Of course, kiddos don’t always understand that in their toddler years, and my little guy can be a night owl at times. Plus, I’m a huge fan of the snooze button. Seriously, I’ll press that thing for an hour sometimes before getting out of bed. I’m sure my husband hates me for it.

So, I have a few tips for my fellow early-bird writers. These things help make the 4:30AM wake-up a little more bearable for me.

-Go to bed earlier. The obvious one, right? Except it’s not always so easy. I suggest cutting out electronics at least an hour before bed (eReaders, computers, even your phone). Caffeine can also keep you wide awake (well, duh). My personal rule is no caffeine after 3PM.

-Set your clothes out the night before. Also, shower at night if you’re able.

-Prepare your breakfast the night before. Your body needs good food to function properly. I whip up a bowl of overnight oats (plain oats that soak in almond milk overnight) so I can grab it on the way to my desk. Whole-wheat muffins are another favorite. Pair it with an apple and glass of water (and COFFEE), and your brain will thank you. I promise.

-Coffee’s the nectar of the gods, but DRINK WATER too. Hydration doesn’t just make you feel better – your brain truly needs it. It’s science.

-Have something happy at your desk/writing space. I drink coffee from my favorite thermal mug because paisley perks me up.

Ignore the creeptastic thumb.

Ignore the creeptastic thumb.

I also turn on my writing playlist because music is one of the greatest things ever. A fun spot makes “work” more enjoyable.

Those are just a few things that work for me. Now go write ALL the words!


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