Confessions of a Writer

My house may not be as clean as another mom’s.

My kid may watch a little more TV than yours.

I may drink an amount of coffee that makes my doctor cringe.

I may space out during a conversation because one word you said sparked a killer plot idea.

I may not remember your birthday, or anniversary, or address, and I’m sorry.


I will remember the exact moment I fell in love with my husband.

I will remember the way my heart clenched each time my husband went on a deployment.

I will remember the pure elation I felt the first time someone said she liked one of my stories.

I will remember the days of building forts and laughing until my belly hurts with my kiddo.

I will remember the relief I felt when the cloud of PPD finally lifted.

I may not remember exact details (which is why I have 1468754 plotting notebooks to keep facts in check), but I’ll always remember the way things make me feel. That, I think, is even better for writers. Sometimes, words don’t come from our heads – they flow from our hearts. It makes our characters real, rather than a name on a page.

Today, I challenge you to just stop for a minute or two. Look at a cloud, or a flower, or simply watch the people pass you by. Let your heart take over for a bit, and commit that moment to memory. Then, use it. Cherish it. Be a dreamer. Sometimes, it’s okay to keep your head in the clouds. It’s where all the best dreams are stored.

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