That Whole “Growing Up” Thing

My birthday was last month, and every year, I go into this weird, contemplative zone in which I ponder the true meaning of life. Then I laugh my butt off because CHEESY. But this year, in all my infinite wisdom (BAHAHAHA, sorry), I did come to a few conclusions.

1) People in your life will come and go. And that’s okay.

Some people are meant to be friends. Some are meant to be acquaintances. Some are simply meant to be lessons. While it hurts to watch someone walk out of your life, peace comes in knowing that he/she wasn’t meant to stick around in the first place. Heck, maybe you’re the one doing the walking, and you know what? It takes a strong person to know when it’s time to walk away.

2) You’ll never have all the answers.

You don’t want them, anyway. How boring would life be if you already knew everything? I’m a lot smarter than I was ten years ago. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have saved myself a lot of broken hearts and burned bridges. I also would have missed out on a lot of experiences and lessons learned the hard (but effective) way. Life is about growth: physically, emotionally, and spiritually (if you consider yourself to be a spiritual person). The answers will come in due time, often when you least expect them.

3) You can’t do everything. Do the things that are right for YOU.

For me, this is a daily reminder. We live in a time of what I call “The Pinterest Mom.” See, the Pinterest mom sews her own clothes (and her kids’). She makes all her food from scratch because EW EVIL STORE-BOUGHT CEREAL BARS. She has a spotless house and flawless cleaning routine. She’s in perfect shape and dresses like she stepped out of a magazine. She also holds down a corporate job while raising happy, healthy kids.

Excuse me while I go sob into a pillow. By these standards, I’m a big, fat failure.

Y’all, you can’t do ALL the things, and do ALL the things well. Gina Denny wrote an awesome blog post about what works for her, and I nearly wept with joy because it’s like she stepped into my head. When you’re juggling a home, marriage, kids, a job, and OMG A SOCIAL LIFE TOO, you HAVE to choose your priorities and stick to them. You have to learn how to say “no,” and realize that it’s perfectly okay and necessary to do so.

That’s all I’ve got, because I don’t have the answer to a perfect life. But I don’t want a perfect life. I want one filled with mistakes, with a little heartbreak, with some angst and tears thrown in. Those are the moments that make me stronger. They make me cherish the amazing moments, because you know what? More often than not, those moments come when you’re not looking for them.

2 thoughts on “That Whole “Growing Up” Thing

  1. jamieayres says:

    It’s my birthday today! So this post was perfect for me 🙂 Happy belated birthday to you!!! Cheers to a great year. Who cares if we’re cheesy for asking these Q’s . . . someone pass me the Kraft!

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