Do Something Challenge – Week 2

Hi guys!

We’re now in Week 2 of the Do Something challenge! Last week, we learned that even the smallest actions can make a huge difference in someone’s day–heck, maybe even their life. If there’s one thing I want you guys to take away from this challenge, it’s that something as simple as a smile can be a lifesaver. Never forget that.

This week, we’re going a step further. This may be a bit difficult for the introverts out there (speaking as an introvert myself). However, it’s another tiny spark that can grow into a flame.

Ask someone how they’re doing, and then listen. Really listen.

This can be someone you know, but if you’re feeling brave, do it for a stranger! You don’t have to approach a random person on the street–it can be the coffee shop barista, or someone on the subway, or your cashier at the grocery store. How great does it feel when someone looks you in the eye and truly cares about what you’re saying? Keep that in mind.

Their reply may be a simple, “Fine,” or your question may kick-start a conversation that the person desperately needs. Either way, remember to listen. Sometimes all we need is to know that someone’s there. That someone cares. This week, be that someone.

If you’re interested in taking this challenge even further, keep reading. We’ll call this the bonus challenge.

Ask someone, “What’s your dream?”

I can’t take full credit for this question. It’s inspired by a recent TEDx talk given by TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski (which I HIGHLY suggest watching. Well worth the 8 minutes.). You may read that question and think, “Whoa. Wait. What?” But go with me here. How awesome would it be to live in a world where talking about our hopes and dreams is as commonplace as commenting on the weather?

The possibility of amazing is one heck of a driving force. Letting others know that it’s okay to talk about those possibilities, to be excited about them, creates more sparks.

So here’s to the sparks that grow into flames. Let’s create more of them.

I’d love to hear how your #DoSomething challenge is going! Feel free to @ me on Twitter @MichelleA_Smith.

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