My Writing Process Blog Hop

Hi guys! The fabulous Valerie Cole has tagged me in the My Writing Process blog hop.

1) What am I working on?

A lot! I’m currently in between edits for my April 2015 release, PLAY ON. While waiting for the next round, I’m revising another YA Contemporary.

2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

This is a toughie. I’d have to say it’s different because, well, they’re my stories. And these stories draw from my experiences and the way I see the world. For example, you’ll find bits and pieces of me scattered throughout PLAY ON. That’s the great thing about the world of books: all authors bring different life experiences to the page!

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write YA because there’s something magical about the teenage years (seriously. Go with me here.). Emotions are heightened, passions are intensified, the voices are louder and more distinct. There’s something about that first kiss, first love, and even that first heartbreak. I adore capturing those moments on the page.

4) How does my writing process work?

Every manuscript’s been different. Heck, each revision has been approached a different way. It’s kind of scary when you realize that a proven “routine” doesn’t work for the next manuscript, but hey, it keeps things interesting. The one thing that remains the same is where it all goes down.



Where the magic happens! The only thing missing is my actual laptop. I’m giving the poor thing a breather for a few days.

Who’s up next?

I’m going against the tagging norm, but a group of awesome ladies are up next–and you can find all their answers in one place! Look for the post next week on the Revision Warriors blog.

Cheryl A. Ham

Hi! I’m Cheryl. I write YA Fantasy and am in love with all things SpecFic. Stories that combine speculative elements with lyrical prose blow my mind. Hello, Maggie Stiefvater, Laini Taylor, and Leigh Bardugo, I’m looking at you.

Random facts: I’m a dog lover and have two fur babies, Zeke and Ollie. Coffee fuels my soul–chocolate soothes it. I hate the cold (read: New England winters), but holy crap do I love ALL THINGS Christmas. I love wine and martinis. I’m an audiobook addict, enthusiastic sleeper, and lover of warm weather, socks, and cozy blankets.

Diane Bohannan

Hi! I’m Diane and I absolutely love to write. I can’t imagine not doing it. In the last two years, I’ve gotten serious about writing, rolled up my sleeves, joined critique groups, and visited conferences to hone my craft. I’m hoping to query my YA fantasy next year! Some of my favorite craft books are Plot versus Character, Revision and Self-Editing for Publication, and The First 50 Pages. Books that make me fall in love with words even more are: Cinder, Shadow and Bone, The Maze Runner, and Divergent.

Marlana Antifit

Hello! I’m Marlana. My non-stop imagination concerned family and friends until I began jotting down my made-up worlds, added some pretend friends and called myself a writer. I read a vast variety of genres but for creating, I lean toward science fiction and fantasy for MG/YA.

I’m a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators aka ScaBeeWee. My writing heroes include JK Rowling, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Beth Revis, James Patterson, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins and Stephen King. I also find inspiration from movies and television. If you look up sci-fi geek, you just might see my picture.

Rina Heisel

Hello! I’m Rina. I write middle grade novels, and more often than not, something furry or fantastical works its way into way into my pages.  I’ve been crazy for middle grade since those early reading years, when books like To Kill a Mockingbird and Julie of the Wolves delivered whole new worlds right to my cozy reading couch. Books like Ender’s Game, Watership Down, and the ghost stories of Mary Downing Hahn and Betty Ren Wright were like rocket fuel to my imagination and made me want to write! I’m currently represented by the amazing Danielle M. Smith of Red Fox Literary and trying to make my publishing dreams a reality. I’m also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


Thanksgiving Blog Hop – Day 3

Today, I’m thankful for Twilight.

Yes. Twilight.

During my college years, my interest in reading dropped to a non-existent level. I was just inundated with coursework, as well as job responsibilities. What did it take to rekindle that love for books? Well, first of all, it began with a little newborn who kept me up at all hours of the night. Next, it was a movie that played on Showtime in the wee hours of the morning.

Now, I’d heard about these “sparkly vamp” books, but did I take them seriously? Pfft. Yeah right. But when I saw the movie, all cheese aside, I was drawn into the crazy world of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. So, I bought the books.

And I devoured them.

Ultimately, the Twilight series is what got me back into reading. And thanks to that, my passion for writing was soon discovered, and I haven’t turned back since. So yes, I owe a heck of a lot to Stephenie Meyer and her sparkly vamps and shirtless wolfpack.

Crazy? Maybe. Do I care?

Thanksgiving Blog Hop – Day 2

With today being Veterans Day here in the States, and a few days post-election, I’m so very thankful for our freedom. Even with its downfalls, I’m proud to live in a country in which our voices are heard. And to those who fight for that freedom, there are no words to describe my appreciation for all that you do.

Thank you.

Thanksgiving Blog Hop – Day One

Hi guys! Today has been rather…tough, to say the least. So, what better day than today to reflect on the MANY things I’m so very grateful for? Brenda Drake has come up with this fantastic idea: for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, post a little something (pictures, snippets, etc) of things that make our lives awesome.

Today, I’m grateful that I’m here in the first place. This year was rough for me, and frankly, I almost didn’t make it through the spring (explanation here). BUT, thanks to God, an amazing family, incredible friends, and modern medicine, I’m still here. Can’t beat that, right? 🙂

If you’d like to participate in the blog hop, head on over to Brenda’s blog and sign up!

Buccaneer Blogfest – A Glimpse into Apocalypse Bunny

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Now, what is Apocalypse Bunny? “Apocalypse Bunny” is the oh-so-affectionate name my beta bestowed upon my current WIP. It is, as you may have guessed, a YA Apocalyptic. Today’s Buccaneer Blogfest prompt is “the first paragraph of your novel or current WIP.” Now, readers, I must ask you: Can I trust you with this valuable work of art?

Excuse me while I snort.

I’m loving this story so far, but it does have a long way to go before I deem it completely acceptable. Ah, who am I kidding? I could edit and re-edit a manuscript for five years if I allowed myself to do so. All that aside, I’ll let you guys take a peek at what I’m working on now. But only because I love ya.

“‘Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.’ If this Frost guy wasn’t so popular, I’d say he was completely off his rocker.”

I glanced over at Charlotte, a petite redhead who was curled up on one of the benches in the courtyard while working on our English assignment for the day. Even while we were stuck in this place, we couldn’t get away from homework; the center’s tutors made sure of that. “What’re you talking about?” I asked.

Shock registered on her face at my question, no doubt due to the fact that I hadn’t made it a point to talk to anyone since I’d arrived at the center. Even as my roommate, she hadn’t been an exception to that. She huffed a little and held up a book of poetry. “This fella is going on about how the world is going to end in fire or ice. Personally, I think he’s full of crap. But that’s just me.”

Coming up on Wednesday, I’ll have a character interview waiting for you guys. Have a great Monday!

Why Do I Even Do This?

Good morning! Today’s topic for the Buccaneer Blogfest is a question: Why did I begin this blog in the first place? That answer is quite simple.

I like to talk. But not out loud.

I’m a writer for a reason. While I love to communicate with others, sometimes, it’s hard for me to put my feelings into spoken words. It’s much easier for me to write (or, in this case, type) what I want to say. By blogging, I’m able to get my point across to a much larger audience, and in a way that is comfortable to me. If I think there’s a fantastic book that needs to be shared with the world, I now have an outlet with which to talk about said book.

The world must know about this immediately!

If I just want to come on here and rant about something that’s been irking me, I can do that, too.

Sometimes, I’m just unbelievably excited and need somewhere to flail.

As I said on Monday, this blog is an extension of me. Here, you get a glimpse into this crazy head of mine.

Buccaneer Blogfest – A Little Bit About Me

And so it begins – the Buccaneer Blogfest! Today’s topic is “introduction,” so let’s get this ball rollin’.

I’m Michelle. *waves* I’m 25 years old, a wife to a Coastie and a mom to the most adorable little boy in the world (yes, I may be a little biased). I’m actually a mom of two if you count the psycho Border Collie mix that’s under my feet all day long. A few things about me:

-I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Harry Potter.
-I can communicate just about anything through gifs. My gif folder currently sits at 187 items, if that’s any indication.

-I’m a Southern girl through and through, but I hate Southern summers. Give me fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes any day.
-Even though I am a Southern girl, I can’t fry a chicken to save my life.
-Since my husband keeps the thermostat at “icebox,” I pretty much live in jeans and hoodies.
-I’m a Pinterest addict. And I’m okay with that.
-I’m an advocate for the creation of a sarcasm font on the internet. People would understand me so much better.

My blog is essentially an extension of me, if that makes any sense whatsoever. I like to ramble, and that’s where Wordy Wednesday originated. Sing-Along Sunday is my way of giving you guys a peek into my writing playlists, or whatever song is captivating me that week.

You can find me on Twitter @msmithbooks and on Facebook. I’m also a member of The Book Bunnies, which is a group of awesomesauce girls that write a little bit of everything.

And, finally, a link to sign up for the blogfest can be found here. Come join the fun!

Wordy Wednesday

Good morning! Wordy Wednesday is a bit different this week, as I have an announcement to make. For the next four weeks, I’ve decided to participate in the Buccaneer Blogfest. “What the heck is that?” you may be asking. Well, here’s the low-down:

Courtney Worth Young and Sharon Bayliss are hosting this little shindig. The information below is from Courtney’s blog:

If you sign up and miss a post, we will not make you walk the plank! That is ok, we know that vacations are scheduled and life happens but don’t let that stop you from signing up. Participate as much as you can and feel free to adjust the dates if you have other commitments this summer. We hope to get you in the habit of writing (and commenting) regularly and meet some friends in the process. If you are not a writer or don’t have a current novel or WIP, alternative prompts will be available for the 2nd week.

Now on to the specifics:

How do I participate?

1) Add your blog link to the linky below

2) Throughout the fest, visit the other blogs as much as you can and comment.

3) Post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the prompt of the day
4) Re-post the Linky & Buccaneer banner on your own blog to show your pirate pride and promote the blog fest
5) Finally…Have Fun!

1. Intro Week (July 9 – 13)
a. (July 9) Introduction: Tell us a little bit about you and your blog. Post the sign up linky for this blogfest in your post. Include your other social media links so we can follow.

b. (July 11) Why you did you start blogging? What are your goals for your blog?

c. (July 13) Interview the person signed up below you on the linky and post that interview.

*During this first week, you are strongly encouraged to go around and follow the other participants in the blogfest – both their blogs and other social media.

2. Work in Progress (July 16 – 20)
a. (July 16) First paragraph of novel or WIP

b. (July 18) Character interview

c. (July 20) Share your light bulb moment with us. How did you come up with the idea for your WIP?

3. Reading (July 23 – 27)
a. (July 23) What are you reading? What books are on your shelf?

b. (July 25) Favorite authors and why?

c. (July 27) Recommend or review a book of choice. Tell the interwebz why you love it!

4. Final Countdown (July 30 – August 3)
a. (July 30) Social Media: Share your feelings and opinions about social media and it’s relation to writing and reading.

b. (Aug 1) Host a giveaway using Rafflecopter or a similar tool. If you don’t have anything you’d like to giveaway, we’d be happy to let you post the Rafflecopter form for a CQ sponsored giveaway.

c. (Aug 3) Reflection post: Share your experience from this blogfest. What are the next steps you want to take with your blog?

Why Should I Participate in the Blog Fest?
To sail the seven seas of the internet and make new friends. We plan to have tons of fun over the next few weeks and we hope to inspire you to write!

Make the most of this blog fest by visiting and commenting on other people’s posts. Leave comments and let the blogger know you visited. Don’t be a stranger. If you like the blogs that you sailed upon make sure to follow them so when the fest is over you can keep in touch.

If you’d like to participate, head on over to either Courtney or Sharon’s blog and sign on up. I hope to stay on track for the next four weeks. Happy 4th of July!