PLAY ON Swag Giveaway

Hi, you guys!

So, I suppose that if I write books, I should actually talk about those books from time-to-time, yes? Especially when one book is releasing in less than 3 months! And what better way to start the convo than a giveaway?


Let’s talk about PLAY ON, y’all.

I love words. I love the power they hold, the way they flow, the way just a few can hit us full-force and make us take notice. And in stories, I love the way a line or two can tell you so, so much about a character and what’s going through their head.

I love reminders of those words. I love pretty things. So I made this.

PO Quote 2 poster

What is that, you ask? It’s 1) an 11×17 poster print, and 2) one of my favorite quotes from PLAY ON. And it can be yours!

Want me to sign it? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY. You don’t want Sharpie messing up the pretty? That’s okay, too. Just let me know.

If you win, of course. Do you want to win? Keep on reading.

Here’s what you do. Head over to Twitter, where all you have to do is follow me (here!) and RT the giveaway tweet by midnight on February 1st, EST. I’ll pick one winner, you tell me whether or not you’d like your poster signed, and I’ll send it along with a signed bookplate, some bookmarks, AND a $10 Amazon gift card (which you could theoretically use to pre-order PLAY ON, but that’s entirely up to you).

In review:

Follow and RT for a chance to win an 11×17 quote print, a signed bookplate, a few bookmarks, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Easy, right? Good luck! ❤

Editing to add: Giveaway is now closed!