Sing-Along Sunday

So. This song. It gives me a lot of feelings.

I have a lot of fun with the relationship between Kerrigan and Ethan, but KINGDOM COME is not a love story. It’s a story of having hope, even at the darkest of times. Of witnessing everyone you love being ripped from the world far too soon, and having faith that the goodness in the world will prevail, even when its very core seems shattered.

Shattered. Yeah, that sounds about right.

“All is lost, hope remains, and this war’s not over.”

Also, there may very well be a nifty giveaway over on Twitter this week. Stay tuned! 🙂


Sing-Along Sunday

Orrrr Musical Monday? Sorry guys. My internet was wonky yesterday. BUT I’m back, with a brand-new song from the KINGDOM COME playlist.

5 weeks, y’all. 5 WEEKS.

This song was on The Hunger Games soundtrack, and I just thought it fit perfectly. I really have no idea why I haven’t shared it yet, because it’s like she’s singing directly to Kerrigan. (Sorry Katniss. Can I borrow the song just this once? Please?)

Sing-Along Sunday

Good morning guys! I feel like it’s been forever since I posted, even though it’s only been 2 weeks. This week brings you a little Fall Out Boy. They’re a group I listen to whenever I write/edit Bennett’s scenes because I like to imagine he has their music on repeat all day.

Yes, my villain has awesome taste in music. He has to have something going for him, right?

Have a great week!


Sing-Along Sunday

We’re back with another song that inspired a few special moments between Kerrigan and Ethan. A few special tear-jerking moments, to be more specific. But I’ll let you guys see what I mean because NINE WEEKS.


Sorry. Tad excited.


Sing-Along Sunday

Ten weeks until KINGDOM COME, y’all. TEN WEEKS. Just sayin’.

Up next on the countdown is a song that shatters my heart into a million pieces. I played it on repeat during a certain scene about midway through the book, which I won’t spoil. I will say that I now cry like a baby every time I hear this song.


Sing-Along Sunday

Good morning!

This week continues our countdown to KINGDOM COME’s release, and next up on the playlist is Your Guardian Angel, by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This is the first song I heard that just screamed Kerrigan and Ethan. I adore the dynamic between these two.

Have a great week! 🙂


Sing-Along Sunday

Y’all. We’re 12 weeks away from the release of KINGDOM COME.



As a countdown of sorts, each Sunday until that fabulous day arrives, I’ll be sharing a song from the book’s playlist. This week belongs to Imagine Dragons (surprise, surprise). Their song “Demons” was often on repeat during both drafting and revisions. It’s just … perfect.

Also, don’t forget: COVER REVEAL IS TOMORROW! Don’t miss it!